And Then I Went Oops, I Actually Love Dublin

I am not a woman prone to open sentimentality or open declarations of love.  Sure, I often feel massive feels, but for the most part I keep them well to myself behind a placid facade.  So, allow me this moment. … Continue reading

Walking in the City with the Liffey is Timeless or at Least Ten Minutes


My wandering has always included being lost 90% of the time.  As I try to navigate Dublin, a highly walkable and generally friendly city with a wide-reaching public transportation system, I find myself lost most of the time.  I don’t care … Continue reading

What’s the Deal with You Going to Ireland AGAIN - A Q&A Session with My Grandma


Before my departure for Ireland, my grandmother slipped me a piece of yellow legal pad paper with the following inquiries (shown here in bold), and asked for a written response. In her neat, deliberate hand, she wanted to know why the … Continue reading

Reflections Before I Return to Ireland

View of the park from afar

I’m going back to Ireland in less than a month. Before I do, I realized that I should reflect and write about my last trip there. My fellow Unexpected Wanderlust blogger, Lucia, has been on my case about writing a … Continue reading