There is wonder all around

There is wonder all around

“Time Flies By//Time Flies By”. This stanza can be heard in the brand new musical “Hero: The Musical” that has debuted at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota, Florida. And I mean it when I say “brand new” (not to be confused with the band Brand New, though I like them too). This is the second stage iteration of this work; with the staging at the Asolo providing a unique experience for the audience. Most of the time when I think of musicals, I think of national tours of shows that have already been on Broadway. It’s a rare chance for me to be able to experience a developing work that hopes to transfer to Broadway. It is interesting to know that the last instance of a musical production in development in this area was Bonnie & Clyde, which ultimately transferred to Broadway.

A key lyric in “Hero” is this idea that “there is wonder all around”. It’s a concept that is contested quite a bit throughout the show but it truly discusses this idea that no matter who you are, what you are doing, or where you are, there are things to explore. To appreciate. To love. And it’s kind of ironic that this new work relays this idea in Sarasota. I mean, Sarasota has a lot of culture, but it’s hardly a metropolis with a burgeoning young adult population. And yet, for us here, there is wonder all around… in Sarasota.


So… my friends and I have gone to see “Hero” twice so far and we plan on going a 3rd time (they have a special deal that makes it quite affordable for young adults which lasts through May 11th). I’m glad my friends humor me. It’s a must-see show, for sure. The music is a beautiful mixture of ballad and rock. There are moments that almost everyone can relate to. The show touches on loss, friendship, family, potential, love, overcoming challenges, vulnerability, new beginnings, troubled pasts, coming-of age, among other things.

My friends and I have been discussing which of the musical numbers were our favorites. It was quite surprising that all three of us agreed on the song “By Our Powers Combined”. They use a great vehicle (karaoke) to show a quickly developing romance between two individuals who need each other. Hmm… maybe not need. Each of these persons are fantastic individuals but when they find each other their lives exponentially grow. By their powers combined, they are able to experience so much more. It’s quite touching. Our second favorites were “A Vampire’s Kiss Means Forever”, “That’s My Kryptonite”, and “Powerless”. These song titles intrigue you??? Then you should call up the Asolo box office, get tickets, and go! Otherwise, you can satisfy your viewing cravings on YouTube.

“Time Flies By//Time Flies By”. As I begin to prepare to leave Sarasota and start my new life in Mexico, I’m beginning to appreciate those moments where I have to stop and reflect. Where I realize that time is really flying by. When I realize that I am taking for granted the wonders that are all around me. These last 30 days have flown by as if they were a mere 30 seconds, and while I am ready to take this leap, I’m hesitant to leave solid ground.

I want to know that I’ve cherished every moment I could here so that my experience in Mexico is just as robust. And it’s something that I have to orchestrate.