20 Feelings My Liberal Arts Education Helped Me Realize While Being Abroad in Mozambique for Two Years.


This post was written by Sam Dirt, a New College of Florida graduate who is spending two years in Mozambique serving on the Peace Corps. Read her first post on her experience here.  ————————————————————- 1. You’ll stick out. You’ll stick … Continue reading

The 4 Coolest Treks in Ladakh, India

India hike

This post was written by and originally posted at Alien Adventure, an awesome blog written by three brothers who quit their jobs to pursue their dreams in adventure travel. Check out their blog for even more amazing stories and rad … Continue reading

Moving to a Caribbean Island on a Whim: This Woman is Worth Admiring

My mom in Providencia, pregnant with my sister

It’s what most of us (or at least I) have always dreamed of: Deciding to move to a Caribbean island on a whim and actually following through with it. There’s someone I admire for countless reasons: Her unwillingness to give … Continue reading

On Finding Travel Deals

In front of Tynan's, one of the oldest pubs in Kilkenny, IE

1.  “You spent $999 [for a week in Ireland]? I’m more of a budget traveler myself.  You know, hostels and stuff.” 2.  “You used Groupon to go on a trip? I like to go to places before they become popular … Continue reading

The 5 Most Interesting Islands in Australia

This article was written by Kate Flannery, a part-time Perthie sailor on her way to becoming a full-fledged captain on the Adriatic Sea. Her favorite routes are along Western Australia, but the islands of Oceania are alright, too. To read … Continue reading

And Then I Went Oops, I Actually Love Dublin


I am not a woman prone to open sentimentality or open declarations of love.  Sure, I often feel massive feels, but for the most part I keep them well to myself behind a placid facade.  So, allow me this moment. … Continue reading