The 4 Coolest Treks in Ladakh, India

India hike

This post was written by and originally posted at Alien Adventure, an awesome blog written by three brothers who quit their jobs to pursue their dreams in adventure travel. Check out their blog for even more amazing stories and rad … Continue reading

The 5 Most Interesting Islands in Australia

This article was written by Kate Flannery, a part-time Perthie sailor on her way to becoming a full-fledged captain on the Adriatic Sea. Her favorite routes are along Western Australia, but the islands of Oceania are alright, too. To read … Continue reading

Only in Brazil!

This guest post was written by Kenneth L. Decroo, a bike enthusiast who has built his own home, worked in the movie industry (with the likes of Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood!), taught ASL to monkeys, and has pretty much … Continue reading

Reflections Before I Return to Ireland

View of the park from afar

I’m going back to Ireland in less than a month. Before I do, I realized that I should reflect and write about my last trip there. My fellow Unexpected Wanderlust blogger, Lucia, has been on my case about writing a … Continue reading

The Real Inaka of Yamanashi County


Okay, okay… I admit that the “Real Housewives” title riff has been swimming around my mind for quite some time. Yamanashi is the Japanese prefecture that I have been living in for one month and a half. Yamanashi has a … Continue reading

The Unseen Side of Bogotá


For those of you who saw “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and think that coming to Bogotá means wearing short summer dresses, dancing in the streets, and drinking goat milk let me hit you with the hammer of truth: BOGOTÁ DOES … Continue reading