Moving to a Caribbean Island on a Whim: This Woman is Worth Admiring

My mom in Providencia, pregnant with my sister

It’s what most of us (or at least I) have always dreamed of: Deciding to move to a Caribbean island on a whim and actually following through with it. There’s someone I admire for countless reasons: Her unwillingness to give … Continue reading

On Finding Travel Deals

In front of Tynan's, one of the oldest pubs in Kilkenny, IE

1.  “You spent $999 [for a week in Ireland]? I’m more of a budget traveler myself.  You know, hostels and stuff.” 2.  “You used Groupon to go on a trip? I like to go to places before they become popular … Continue reading

A New Year, Non-Solo Travels


Happy 2015, everyone! Last year, I sought independence in travel.  I wanted to see if I could make it out there in the big world on my own without having to worry about anyone else’s expectations or needs.  (It sounds … Continue reading

Interesting Conversations I’ve heard in Public Transport

artwork by: Manuel Zapata

I probably spend more than 15 hours a week on public transport. An experience that would be torturous if not for the wonderful people I hit in the face with my backpack and smush against until there are no barriers … Continue reading