About Us

It all started as most of the best ideas do: with late night conversations between friends. Within the universe of our college dorms, we’d spend hours talking about all the places we would someday see, and the adventures we would have.

The idea started to grow, and something deep within us kept beating like drums, calling us to take flight, jump into the void, and welcome uncertainty with open arms. We were sick with wanderlust, and we were gonna flip the finger at expectations, pack our bags, and heed the call with everything we had.

We’re two women traveling on a budget, kicking ass, and feverishly seeking adventure and disorientation.  



Machu Pichu

Mariana is originally from Bogotá, Colombia, where she lived until she was 10. After that, she moved to Miami with her family, moved to Sarasota to study Sociology, did a semester abroad in Paris, went back to finish school, set off to teach English in Bordeaux, and is now back in Colombia working hard, living the life, surviving public transit, and figuring her future out. She loves reading, watching films, dancing tango, sunsets, and many other things. Her dreams are to visit every single country in the world, somehow figure out how to travel as a lifestyle, work for women’s rights, and create something.


Cliffs of Moher

Hamilton yearns to break free from the American South (where she isn’t from but to which she is currently bound) and venture into the world. With a heap of support from family and friends combined with a dash of gumption, her journey begins.

If you have any questions/comments/jokes you’d like to share/etc, don’t hesitate to contact us! 



IG: @unexpectedwanderlust

Twitter: @uwanderlust


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34 thoughts on “About Us

  1. who’s writing all the content u guys a couple or just a group of people? were over at 365traveldates.com and trying to get all started. excited to follow ya’ll

  2. I am slightly confused on exactly who you mean by “us.” You’ve listed several different people on the “where we’ve been” page but …… how do you all know each other. I am very interested to know. Is this a collective blog of people you have met along the way ?

    1. Hi! This is a collective blog. We met each other in college in Florida. Amile and Lucia have actually traveled to Morocco together. (Lucia wrote about it for this blog.) Thanks for reading!

    1. Carla, we’re super excited to connect with you! I liked your fb page using my personal fb. We’re looking forward to following your adventures and your journey with publishing your first novel!

  3. Hey Hamilton, thanks for the like on my post. This site that you and your friends created is great! Women after my own heart - full of wanderlust! I’m looking forward to future posts and checking out more of previously posted.
    - Christine

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