Desperately Seeking the Sun- My Trip to Majorca

If you’re like me then the tediously drawn-out, damp and miserable winters can get you down — especially in the UK where we don’t always have the guarantee of a long, hot summer to push us through the dark times. But what was getting me through the cold, cloudy period was the fact that my friends and I had organised an early spring trip to the Balearics!

I knew after many discussions with friends this winter that some of them were also up for a week away, albeit one not too far from home. I thought why not rally the troops and treat ourselves to a short break?



The Biggest Conundrum

Undoubtedly Europe is a fantastic place to live, especially for the travel addicts amongst us. It’s rich in culture, history and is home to a wide variety of microclimates. There truly is something for everyone.

My friends were posting the last of their skiing adventure photos, but this year that really wasn’t calling to me. The last thing I wanted was to be colder than I currently was!

Although, at that time of year, the options for that bit of warmth were slightly limited and having been to Spain last year and Morocco over the winter (which weren’t that warm!) I wanted to mix it up a bit, yet still book somewhere suitable for a group of us.

Closer To Home

Obviously Ibiza’s reputation precedes her. Having sampled the island’s many varied delights before and found it to be a rather enchanting that holds many unexpected bonuses, I still wanted to go somewhere different, and having never ventured to the neighbouring islands of Menorca or Majorca, I thought these two could warrant some more in-depth research.

After a little online investigation into these very popular islands, and although Menorca can rightfully claim more beaches than both Majorca and Ibiza combined, I had a feeling that the wider variety of group-suitable options available on Majorca, the largest of the two islands, would hold greater sway with my friends. With this in mind, I began to dig a little deeper…



Things To Do

My friends and I have varied interests. Personally I prefer the laid back lifestyle. I enjoy yoga, relaxing and being close to nature. Some of my friends are the total opposite and will be looking either to fill their time with more adrenaline packed action or the call of the more nocturnal lifestyle. However, something we all definitely have in common is the love of good food, beautiful beaches, and crystal clear waters.

This relatively small island situated off mainland Spain is somewhat a heavyweight in the holiday stakes, and really provided something for all of us.  No one had to compromise; everyone was able to experience their own idea of the perfect last-minute getaway.

Luckily for me, Majorca is awash with relaxing, meditative and health conscious options. There are plenty of yoga retreats and classes available on the island. Whether you’re looking for a full-package holistic retreat dedicated solely to the ancient practice, or for something more casual on the beach during a beautiful sunrise or sunset, there will be something suitable for you.

Majorca is packed with vibrant culture which is encompassed by exquisite nature. Hiking and cycling through and around the island has become increasingly popular, as have those more extreme water-based activities like scuba diving and kite surfing. There’s so much to do here, you could never get bored.

And let’s not forget those who wish to indulge in more nocturnal activities. The Island has become one of Europe’s most popular party destinations in recent years. Magaluf is somewhat infamous, but isn’t the only destination for ‘getting down’ and ‘shaking that booty!’



Places To Stay

Of course there are the usual questions with regards to accommodation. Do we want to go self-catering, half-board, full-board? Hotel, hostel, apartment? With this being a group trip, I thought it might be nice if we stepped away from the traditional, separate, generic hotel rooms idea and looked into sharing some more luxurious, upmarket accommodation.

The idea of our own private getaway, with perhaps a pool and outdoor eating area, sounded wonderful. Giving us the freedom to come and go as we please, with no need to make rigid meeting arrangements, it enabled us to have more freedom and wider scope to accommodate the different tastes and preferences in the group, yet still allowed us to spend some much needed quality time together.

I came across these absolutely gorgeous villas that were ideal for our group trip. With the cost divided equally between us and the added bonuses of total privacy, our own pool, dining facilities and choice of locations, this was most definitely the kind of lifestyle we wanted to engage in during this holiday, and it was one that we could all afford.



Getting There

As you’d expect, there are several travel options available to Majorca. Budget airlines fly direct to Palma del Majorca from a range of UK airports . A simple search brought up an array of options for us all, and with flights from as little as £48 this month our combined travel and accommodation bill comes in at under £200! With a deal like that how could we even begin to resist?

Alyssa is a professional overthinker, perpetual traveller, and lover of all things related to cheese, chocolate and wine - though never at the same time. She’s actually a freelance writer living in London but it just didn’t sound as intriguing. Check out her blog, Alyssa Writes.

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