Experience Bliss in Koh Samui, Thailand

Though the modern world is providing us with the endless possibilities of progress and self-improvement, sometimes an escape to a quiet and peaceful environment is much needed. When you are planning such an escape, you should do it big style! If you are looking for a place with beautiful nature, serenity and exceptional historical heritage, the perfect choice might be Thailand’s Koh Samui.


Koh Samui is, without exaggeration, a piece of heaven on earth. It is a small island in Thailand, that used to be sleepy, but due to tourists’ enormous interest in it, it has awoken. In the distant past it was a Thai fishing community, and you can still feel that charming sensibility. Koh Samui is really quite unique among Thai islands, with the relaxed atmosphere that sets it apart.

What to see?

There is an amazing contrast of crowdedness and serenity on this place, but if you are going just to find some peace, you can wander into more remote reaches of the island, and escape the crowd and the noise into a perfect paradise-like oasis. Na Muang Waterfall, for example, is a must see, for every true nature lover who would dare to walk for about thirty minutes to reach this beauty.

Thailand paradise

Let yourself be charmed by Hua Thanon village, the last Saumui’s fishing fleets, to get to know the local culture. The true emotion of this place may be experienced by visiting Buddhist temples.  One of the most characteristic ones is the golden temple – Wat SIla Ngu. An important heads-up, if you’ve decided to take a tour of the temples, you should first learn Thai customs, in order not to make a mistake like walking into the temple with your shoes on.

Temple in Koh Samui

What to do?

The first thing you should do is pamper yourself. The massages that you can get there are majestic. The island has a lot of world class spas, and you can even learn the techniques of Thai massages, so you can pamper someone else.

Thai massage

The vastness of choices when it comes to how to spend your day in this heavenly island will keep you busy all day long. From kayaking, safari touring, and snorkeling to speedboat tour, golf, and scuba diving, anything is possible. You can recognize a good and welcoming tourist country by its kitchen, and the flavors of food you’ll be served in this Thai island are so amazing and rich, you’ll want to take them home with you. And you actually can. You can take Thai cooking classes and learn how to skillfully mix those wonderful tastes with the purpose of making magic happen.

experience Thailand

Experience the magic of this paradise island and give yourself the rest you deserve.

This guest post was written by Nicole, who is in love with travelling, exploring, and sharing her experiences. Her favorite book is The Little Prince, and she loves this quote: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.”

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