Tropical paradise is always a must – a trip to Tahiti

Roxana is an adventurer, a frequent traveler, and an occasional writer from Sydney, Australia. She is very passionate about the environment and she loves to blog about her travels. Roxana's life goal is tro travel the whole world with her dogs and husband, and meet a lot of different people alog the way. She's married to the most wonderful man, and they are proud parents of two very funny dogs, Brando and Astoria, and a mischievous cat Archibald.
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Don’t you just love seasonal getaways? The best time to embark in such an adventure is: right now! Especially if you come from the Southern Hemisphere, it’s about time you spread your wings and head towards warmer regions. You’re in luck: the holyday season is just beginning in Polynesia, and visiting Tahiti is a must.

You’ve just arrived in a tropical piece of heaven, left your baggage in the hotel, and we might say you’re adventure ready. For the less demanding, just staring at the HD resolution of turquoise shades of the sea is an experience in itself. However, if you have already traveled this far, why not try all the fun and enjoyable activities this piece of earth ripped away from heaven has to give you?

paradise, tropical paradise,

  • Surfing: Go all “Baywatch” out there, take surf lessons from trained professionals, and soon you’ll be hearing the famous series soundtrack while you’re getting out of the water. If you prefer watching, well then you’ll be able to see some of the many surfing competitions that are organized on Tahiti.
  • Scuba diving: Experience swimming with the sharks first hand, or go on a treasure hunt among many ship wreck sites, and become Long John Silver for a day. Just don’t lose your leg like the famous pirate did.
  • Go-karting: Can you imagine something more fun than this? Feel the need for speed while it’s running through your veins, feel the car accelerating, your heart beating ever so fast. Be fast, be furious, be adventurous.
  • Kayak: Sightseeing the lagoon with kayak? Yes please. Feel your breath being taken away by the amazing images of the astonishing Tahiti coastline scenery, and cherish that memory in your heart forever.
  • Pearl museum: It’s not all fun and game. Sometimes you need to relax and enjoy. Why not feed your eyes with a museum dedicated only to pearls? Become one with the history, mythology and religion of these amazing sparkling wonders.

pearl museum

  • Botanical garden: After you’ve dazzled your eyes with pearls, rest them in a tropical oasis, where you’ll be introduced to all kinds of tropical plants you’ve never seen before.
  • Explore it yourself: Tahiti is full of other activities waiting for you to explore them, such as horseback riding, Bougainville park, hiking, shopping, etc.

You have the ingredients, now mix it all together in arbitrary proportions, and enjoy.

What are you waiting for? Everyone needs a tropical getaway sometimes, whether you want to travel alone, with a friend, family, a partner, or you’ve decide to celebrate your wedding in a tropical oasis, by opting for some of the many Tahiti honeymoon packages. Nothing left for you then to pack your bags, find a fellow traveler, and use all of the unlimited possibilities Tahiti has to offer to its visitors.

Bon voyage!

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