Why it’s Stupid to Complain About How Tourism Will Ruin Cuba

Ok, this will be short and sweet.

There is a legitimate case of people complaining about how tourism will ruin Cuba: When Cubans do it.

That’s it.

Wait, I guess if you live in the island but are a foreigner you can do it too.

Everyone else sounds pretty dumb when they say this. Why? Well, first of all, tourism is already one of Cuba’s most important industries, so your concerns are stupid. As if that wasn’t reason enough, let me spell out this conversation- I have unfortunately heard several times- for you:

“Tourist 1: Ugh I wanna go to Cuba before tourism ruins it!

Tourist 2; Yeah, totally!!”

Please, pleaaaase tell me you see why it’s stupid for tourist to want to be tourists in Cuba before tourism ruins it. I mean, I’m not saying you’re completely wrong, I’m just saying it’s stupid to be a tourist and complain about how YOU, and what you are doing or want to do will ruin the island.

Honestly, if you really believe it’s gonna ruin it, then have a shred of human decency and don’t go. If you go (and no, in this case no one cares if you’re “a traveler instead of a tourist”), then shut up and don’t pretend like you’re not part of what is “ruining the island.”

There are several issues that are arising from this situation, legitimate concerns over the quality of people’s lives, and fear of economic dominance on the US’ part. Concerns that are a billion times more important than people’s desire to earn hipster points for “getting to the island first!”

Basically the message here is: Get your head out of your ass :)

Photo cred; Juliana Zapata

9 thoughts on “Why it’s Stupid to Complain About How Tourism Will Ruin Cuba

  1. I get their concerns now that the floodgates are swung open by sheer stroke of a legal pen..Tourists always complain about other tourists..the conversation often goes, “I don’t like place X because it is so touristy..” or “Don’t go at this and time of the year, it is overflowing with tourists” Duh

    • I think there’s a difference though because one is just not wanting to be surrounded by other tourists, and the other one is thinking that the country itself will be ruined by tourists and wanting to be a tourist before everyone else. It’s like wanting to ruin a place before everyone else does. I’m not saying the concern isn’t legit, I just think it’s hypocritical to complain about people doing what you want to do

    • Man that was so interesting, thank you for sharing!!! I think it is completely understandable for Cubans to be concerned about how the lifting of the embargo will change their country…heck, everyone should be concerned/thinking about this because it has very serious and complex implications.
      What I think is stupid is for tourists to complain about other tourists going because tourism is already the country’s biggest industry, and because it’s really egocentric to be concerned about not getting there before all the other Americans instead of thinking of the real-life implications this has for people who live in the island.

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