As Much Vitamin D As Possible

When I got to Florida after a long, dark winter, I had one goal and one goal only: absorb enough sunshine to wipe away the memories of hiding under blankets for warmth and digging my car out of the snow four times.

And to see my friends, of course.

When I landed, I immediately began to sweat and felt my hair poof out from all the humidity. It was glorious.


Sunshine! Water! Lighthouses!

My friend Charles picked me up. We’ve known each other since Jewish day school in third grade. We lived on the same street, then he moved to attend a different middle school. We met again in high school where we lived across the street again.



He treated me to one of the best meals of my life:


Octopus carpacchio

Charles is working hard at several different jobs: he teaches art classes, works at a high-profit insurance company, and helps elderly people readjust to life after returning from the hospital. That last one had us running all over Palm Beach Gardens to help a very moody cat.



Here’s Ramsey having a meltdown! :D

The next day, I met up with my bff Naomi. Her parents still live in Jupiter, so we usually meet there since we both move around so much.


All lipstick credit to Naomi


Yeah, this is without any filter.

I annoyed her by begging to sit outside by her family’s pool. She’s much more concerned with taking care of her skin; however, she lives in California and has no concept of the frozen hellscape I endured.

She loves me. Maybe.

She loves me. Maybe.

…Bonding with Lyra, my godcat!

…we ate, a LOT:



Sushi topped with coconut, mango, and avocado at Hogsnapper’s



Chocolate lava cake at Prosecco.



…we went to the best used bookstore EVER, The Book Exchange,


…and I dragged her to Juno Beach, one of my favorite beaches in the Jupiter area.


I miss her already

Then it was off for a few nights with my grandparents.


My grandpa and I always hit the hat section of TJ Maxx while waiting for my grandmother to finish shopping.

I couldn’t get enough of the view from their backyard. I’ve practically grown up at their house, but it’s easy to forget how beautiful Florida can be when you live there full time!


After a few days of sun, shopping, and looking through old family photos, I flew off to my next destination: Washington, DC!

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