How I’m Kicking Butt on 2015

Suesca, ColombiaYeah yeah, everyone’s making lists, how cliche, but don’t be haters! I’ve never actually done a yearly bucket list so I thought I’d give it a try and publish it online so I have even more pressure to cross everything out. So here are the ways I’m gonna kick butt this year:

1. Go to Cali: Cali’s been calling me for a while now and yesterday I found out my grandfather (who died before I was born) was from Cali so I think life is telling me to go discover this beautiful city.

Update: I got to have a completely unplanned trip to Cali through a series of very fortunate events during Spring Break. Post coming up soon!

2. Exercise: The cliche of all cliches but I really don’t wanna be a 60 year-old who can’t walk so this is gonna be my biggest challenge!

3. Be a great teacher: Have I told you guys I’m done with two of my jobs and I’m just gonna stay with teaching at an alternative high school? I honestly reaaally love this job and this year I wanna be a kick-ass teacher.

4. Watch classic films: I love film and I wanna be more knowledgeable on this subject. Let 2015 be the year of classics!

5. Read at least 30 books: When I was younger I used to read more than this per year. I’m constantly reading but work and the internet have gotten in the way of my romance with books. Let’s spark up the fire again literature!

6. Meet up with Juampa: I’ve been friends with Juampa for 7 years and the last time I saw him was when I visited him in Peru in 2010…now that we’re finally on the same continent we have to meet up again.

7. Go on a trip with my siblings: I’ve been pushing my siblings to buy tickets for a vacation but they’re being Negative Nellys about it, hopefully we can set up a trip that fits all our work schedules and budgets!

8. Take up tango again: Oh tango how I miss you!!!

9. Learn a new dance: It’s time to broaden my dance horizons and learn something new and exciting.

10. Go to Trinidad: After 6 years, we’ve finally gotten an invitation from my sister’s boyfriend to visit his native country, woot woot!

11. Go to Chicago to visit Aye: I wanna visit one of my best friends from Bordeaux who moved there recently. I had a dream last night that I was trying to get to Chicago to see her so I’ll take it as a sign.

12. Decide where to live after the summer: My plan right now is to work in Colombia until the summer and then….I’ve got no idea. I’ve been playing with the idea of Thailand or South Korea, maybe try for Malaysia again, or try to get that job in Spain I turned down. Maybe go back to the US and make money for a bit. Or maybe I can apply to grad school in Argentina. The world is my oyster??

Update: I actually decided to stay in Colombia until December, my time here’s not over yet!

13. Meet up with Hamilton: Even though we speak every single day and have a million life plans together, I haven’t seen Hamilton since we graduated in May 2013. This makes my soul weep.

Update: Tickets have been bought! Hamilton and I are officially going to spend time in Bogotá and Cartagena come October!!

14. Save up 5k for an indefinite trip: I’ve been wanting to travel without a definite itinerary for a while now. I think it’s time I start saving up to make this happen.

15. See more of Colombia: I wanna continue traveling around my beautiful country. I’m starting today by going to Providencia, it’s most beautiful island.

Update: So far I’ve been to San Andrés, Providencia, El Huila, El Cauca, La Vega, and Cali.


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      1. Most definitely! I don’t have a whole lot about Trinidad on my blog yet so you’re more than welcome to email me with any questions that you may have.


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