My Favorite Places in the World

So I’ve been fantasizing a lot about where I should go next. I almost booked a trip to Iceland on a whim yesterday and I’ve been talking to friends about going to visit them in Ecuador and Bolivia. I’ve also been planning for my friend’s visit to Colombia by imagining trips to the Amazon or Caño Cristales or the desert. My mind has been going on and on and on.

Naturally, I imagine myself thinking whilst on a train
Naturally, I imagine myself thinking whilst on a train

Anywhosville, in the mist of all this planning for the future, I realized that it would be good to stop for a bit and appreciate all the places I have been able to see. So, to give thanks and celebrate how lucky I’ve been, I give you a list of my favorite places in the world (in no particular order):

1. Teotihuacan, México

On top of the Pyramid of the Sun

I don’t even have words for Teotihuacan. There’s an energy to it that can’t be described and I can’t explain it but it is one of the most amazing places I have ever been to.

2. Villa de Leyba, Colombia

it’s just too awesome!

A gorgeous colonial town next to a sacred mountain. Can you ask for anything more? Villa de Leyba is one of my favorite places in Colombia and, although it has become a bit touristy, it also has that bit of magic je ne sais quoi.

3. Barcelona, Spain

I approve of all things Gaudí

Small streets, yellow houses, awesome street art, the sea! If Barcelona is one of the most frequented cities in the world it’s because it’s one of the best.

4. Florence, Italy

Random paths
Random paths

More than Venice and Rome, Florence really punched me in the gut. My solo trip there literally changed my life and I will always remember walking up a random hill that lead to who knows where while it rained (and I had no umbrella) and seeing those gorgeous purple flowers in the doors of the houses I passed by.

5. Paris, France

I’m telling you…pure bliss

Sorry for the cliché y’all but I am in love with Paris. People kept telling me that the wow factor would wear off but I can honestly say that in all my time living there Paris’ beauty, culture, and charm never ceased to amaze me. Also, my time in Paris was one of the happiest times of my life, so it will always be at the top of my list.

6. London, UK

Warning: All telephone booths smell like piss

Ok, I wasn’t even excited to go to London because I always imagined it gray and ugly but, boy was I wrong! London is like New York and Paris had a love child. It is the perfect blend of classic and modern, and quirkiness is just everywhere. It has that elegant Parisian charm and that electric New York energy. I’m so happy my best friend convinced me to go and I had to eat all the bad things I’d said about it. Mmmm that crow tastes goood!

7. Tulum, México

I really love México, as you can tell. Tulum has probably the bluest, most amazing beaches I have ever seen and I’m a sucker for history and ruins and warm weather. Swoon!! It also helps that we stayed at an eco-hotel so it was an extremely different and gratifying experience.

8. Cusco, Perú

this pic perfectly depicts the magic of the experience

Ruins and ruins and sacred valleys and impossibly blue skies. Some of the best memories of my life are from Cusco. Like the day we decided to wait ’til sunset to see Saqsaywaman at night and laid on the grass to see the stars while we waited for it to be lit and we saw a comet pass in the horizon and then we met a Brazilian doctor and walked with him all the way to the Plaza de Armas, him speaking Portuguese and us Spanish, and then we saw Hare Krishnas pass by and realized two guys we’d gone to Paucartambo with were with them and we followed them to their temple and ended the day by singing mantras in Sanskrit with them.

9. Berlin, Germany

The Berlin Wall

Berling isn’t a beautiful city, but it is one of the coolest places in the world. Like London and New York, it has an incredible electric feel to it. Everyone has weird hair colors and mismatched shoes and is all-around awesome. It also has an incredibly heavy history that will captivate you.

10. Prague, Czech Republic

Also a great place to enjoy a Pilsner...(bonus pic of 19 year-old me with braces)
Also a great place to enjoy a Pilsner…(bonus pic of 19 year-old me with braces)

So beautiful and breathtaking it’s almost hard to believe! Prague is a place I would recommend to every single person!

Of course, there’s a million other places that I love, but these are definitely my top ten right now.

What are your favorite places in the world?

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