5 Reasons why I Love Paris

I don’t know if there’s a wave of the hipster spirit, or if people have delusional expectations of the city, or what is happening but I’m kind of getting tired of this “take a dump on Paris” parade that seems to be the cool thing to do nowadays.

I realized that all my posts about France have been on Bordeaux and my experiences there, and that I have left my first French home tucked into the back of my memory drawer. So I have decided to come out and stand up for the place I once called home, and which will forever be a part of me: I am here to tell all the haters that they are just plain wrong and that Paris actually kicks-ass.

Here are 5 (of the countless) reasons why I love Paris so much:

1. Museums to drool for

I mean c’mon! Who can complain about a city that has museums like Le Pompidou and Musée D’Orsay? Are you really gonna complain about whatever it is people complain about when you can spend that energy walking around and admiring so so so many different types of art? Just thinking about all the countless, diverse, beautifully curated museums makes me weak at the knees *swoon*!

2. Amazing parks

Maybe it’s just me, but I freaking love parks. I lived 14 years in Miami and Sarasota, two cities clearly deprived of the knowledge of what a real park is. After years and years and years of mediocre parks that consisted of a fake lake and grass circling it and… that’s it, I was very happy to be in a place where green spaces are actually useful. Waking up late on a Sunday, passing by all the closed stores to that one open patisserie, and then going to a park to lie on the grass, people watch, read, and nap, is the very definition of heaven for me.

3. Pattisseries

I’m sorry to ruin this for y’all but patisseries are actually pretty touristy. It’s not that they’re not French, they’re just not on every corner of non-touristy cities. In fact, I had to actually look around to find a good one in Bordeaux. Nevertheless, this is something I thank tourists for because it made my life so much better (see above). Yeah yeah waiters are rude as hell, but, hey, stuff your mouth with something delicious and stop whining about it.

4. Cultural events

Holy crap there’s just always something to do! Concerts, exhibitions, circuses, plays, operas, ballets, festivals, book readings, open mic nights, it never ever ends and I love it! I mean, just the fact that the whole entire city turns into a giant concert hall of all types and genres of music for one night during Fête de la Musique shows how committed Parisians are to their cultural events. It is the perfect city to explore every kind of interest and to go to the ballet one day and a rap concert the next.

5. Beauty all around

“Wah wah wah, Paris isn’t that beautiful, I mean, there’s like… trash and stuff! Ewwwww!!!”

I mean…what do people expect?!? It’s a city! Of course there’s gonna be trash and of course it’s gonna be dirty, and no, all of Paris isn’t beautiful and perfect because it’s not freaking Disneyland, it’s a real city with real people.

Completely ridiculous and unrealistic fantasies aside, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen, especially at night. Not even Venice can match the glow of the street lamps glittering in the Seine, or that feeling the city gets when it rains, or the slow coloring of the parks when spring arrives, or just the soul of the city itself.

What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic and I constantly annoyed my friends by drooling over the beauty of Paris. It’s a city that always has some uncovered secret waiting around for you. Don’t let the haters and Negative Nellies tell you otherwise. Instead, listen to the wise words of Hemingway and know that “Paris, is a movable feast.”

Photo Cred: Catalina Giraldo


13 thoughts on “5 Reasons why I Love Paris

  1. I lived in Paris for thirteen years: part of the love for Paris is composed of a genuine hate it sometimes and then let it melt all down when you rush down from Belleville to the Canal Saint Martin in a glowy sunset on those public bikes. I have always said that loving Paris is having a toxic relationship, on of those ‘va et vient’ how the French call it, from which you can never break apart. It is a pain to live there crammed in those appartments, rainy weather, making all sorts of faces in the metro but still we all did. Paris is very captivating, the patisseries are very frequent because they are like the fashion shops, something you cannot afford to buy from but you like to walk around , it is the style that counts at the end 😉

  2. I actually love part three. Chocolate and all the other sweet treats are so tasty in Paris and you can actually get them everythere. That really makes the city a perfect experience for me.

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