5775: A Year to Remember

So Rosh Hashana flew by last week, and Yom Kippur is rapidly approaching. Last year, Rosh Hashana overlapped with Fulbright training, much to the dismay of the three-four (?) Jews in the program. This time last year on the Jewish calendar, I had just arrived in Hannover and wasn’t feeling up to much of anything, much less the stress of finding a Jewish community, a synagogue, services, etc.  Also, I was feeling a little bit Jewwed out, having done so much with it in college.


Did I over-Jew it?



Rosh Hashana is the celebration of the Jewish new year. It translates to “head of the year,” and it always falls on a different day on the Gregorian calendar because it relates to the Hebrew calendar, which is lunar-based. According to the Hebrew calendar, we are now currently in year 5775, having counted since the creation of the world. Obviously. There are ten days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Here.


Apples and honey for a sweet new year. And donuts. And cake. And decadent coffee drinks. All for Judaism!


With the beginning of 5775, I’m starting some new things as well. Since arriving in Boston in the middle of July, I’ve worked three different jobs, trained for five, lived in two apartments, reconnected with old friends, and made some truly wonderful new ones. It’s been a busy return to life in the States. I don’t believe in celebrating things until they’ve happened, but I’m starting a new job that will hopefully be more me. Fingers crossed, thumbs pressed, wood knocked on? It will work out.


I think that if I post my resolutions for the year, I’ll be much more likely to actually accomplish them if the internet archives hold me accountable, so here we go:


      1. DRINK MORE WATER, there are no excuses,
      2. Drink more beer. I deserve this, I do.
      3. Open beer bottles with anything BUT an opener*
      4. Save enough money to…
      5. Travel to a new country that I haven’t seen yet!
      6. Get into grad school? Hahahahahaha
      7. Run a 5K.
      8. Say yes to most things.
      9. Learn Boston well. Carve out a space here, find a café and a grocery store and make memories in places so that it will hurt if/when I leave.
      10. Ich muss mein deutsch benutzen.
      11. Be a little bit better at being Jewwy.
      12. Accumulate more plush vegetables.
      13. Write.


L’shana tova to those observing!



*Though I was hopeless at creative beer-opening solutions in Germany, somehow I have been totally amazing at this in the U.S. So far I’ve opened beers with the handle of a butter knife, a mirrored compact, many lighters, and the cap from another beer. Win.




4 thoughts on “5775: A Year to Remember

  1. I can cut off the top of a glass beer bottle with a butter knife. But it’s a bit explosive. It makes me feel like one of those super impressive people who slice through a champagne bottle with a sword, except not really.

    • So far I only have the broccoli, but I’m on the lookout for a good plush eggplant and perhaps a cauliflower. You know, to be friends with the broccoli.

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