Unexpected Wanderlust Welcomes a New Blogger: Ruby

Where have you been?

I have toured around Europe (Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Spain, and Italy) and traveled sporadically around the US (most of the Eastern seaboard, Tennessee, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, and California). I am currently living and teaching Junior High School in a tiny village called Doshi. It is located in the stunning mountainous district of Yamanashi, Japan (also the home of the newly-dubbed World Heritage Site, Mount Fuji!). I am hoping to use my nenkyu (the Japanese word for paid holiday) to do some majoring exploring around the rest of Japan. My goal is to visit Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, and Singapore during my stay!

Who are you?

I identify as a bookworm, an avid social observer, and an aspiring terrace gardener. I am an ENFP trying to balance the duality of being a sworn adventurer and a cozy recluse. I am a freshly-minted graduate from the small liberal arts enclave, New College of Florida. I traded in coffee-filled thesis time sadness nights for a head first dive into learning about Japanese language and culture.

With all of these travel plans, are you the secret love child of aristocrats?

I am decidedly not a secret love child of aristocrats! Although, I am immensely fortunate to have parents (I’m looking at you, Rita and Steve!) who have supported me mentally and emotionally throughout my traveling trials and tribulations. I have been working since I was fifteen. All throughout college I worked two (and during a particularly stressful Spring semester of my third year, three) jobs at once. I have been a cocktail waitress at a beer bar, a server at a burger joint, a tour guide for my college’s admissions department, and a front desk associate at a health club. Working my butt off while attending a rigorous college full-time was stressful like whoa, but it all paid off because I have been able to pursue my travel dreams. For one, I was able to front the start-up costs of moving and settling down in Japan (no small feat). Now, I am working for a well-established exchange and teaching program that provides pretty lucrative compensation. All I can say is work, work, work, save, work…. Explore and enjoy! The grind is worth it, trust me.

What do you hope to learn by traveling?

I believe that traveling, particularly traveling alone, is an unparalleled growth opportunity and challenge in flexibility. You are adjusting constantly and taking in fresh stimuli every single day. I hope to learn how to function successfully in unfamiliar social contexts.

Why is traveling important to you?

Traveling is important to me because the moments of confusion, beauty, success, weakness, intimacy, and loneliness string together to form the skeletal structure of the life I want to chase, one that is a perpetual practice in growth, understanding, and adventure.




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