A Post to Wean You from World Cup Fever

Lucia recently reconnected (in a platonic way) with her first boyfriend, Daniel from Bolivia. Lucky for us she did because he had some pretty great answers to our questions about the World Cup. He flocked with thousands of others to the center of it all: Brazil.

1. What is your first World Cup memory?
My first World Cup memory has to be from 1998 when Brazil lost to France, it was the first World Cup that I can remember and I was watching the final with my dad and we were so disappointed that Brazil lost 3 to 0.

soccer ball in dirt

2. What has been your favorite World Cup?
My favorite World Cup by far has to be 2014 in Brazil, because I had the chance to go to a game, and because all the times have played really well and scored a lot of goals

3. How did you feel when you found out you had gotten tickets to the World Cup?
It was an amazing feeling I couldn’t believed it, because I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to go to the World Cup, and to see that my sister gave the tickets, it was the best present I have ever gotten.

4. What is it like to be in able to see the World Cup from the front lines? Is it the way you expected?
It was the most amazing feeling I have experienced in my life, the adrenaline running through the whole stadium and to see all the fans cheering for their teams there is nothing like it. It was way better than I expected it.

5. What have been your favorite things about being in Brazil for this?
Definitely the people, Brazilians are such kind people they always welcomed you with a smile and make you feel welcomed to their country and to share it with my friends there is nothing more I could ask for.

6. And your least favorite?
My least favorite has to be how expensive Brazil is.

7. How do you feel about the problems that are happening in Brazil as a consequence of the World Cup? How do you think that we could reconcile being aware of them and loving the World Cup?
I feel that definitely Brazil has spend more money that they should have, because they have made some stadiums that they don’t even have local teams playing in that city so after the World Cup its going to become useless, that money could’ve been used for something more helpful to the Brazilians.

8. After this, would you want to see the World Cup live again?
After this I’m definitely going to save money to see the world cup in Russia the experience, there is just nothing like it.

9. What do you think about Brazil itself?
Brazil it’s the most beautiful country I been in my whole life the nature and the people. It’s simply beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “A Post to Wean You from World Cup Fever

  1. Awwwwnnn how sweet!! Thank you for all your kind words about Brazil, it makes me really happy to know that you (Daniel) love my country and its people. And yes you are right, Brazil is freaking expensive, especially during the World Cup, and knowing how things go in my country, Im sure the prices will keep high even after the Cup. And about the protests, I couldnt agree more with you… but the worse thing is that most of the money spent, was not spent… when to someone’s pocket. Thats the sad reality of my country. I hope you visit it again and again :D nice post and questions guys!!

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