Don’t Get Lost In Wanderlove Or Wanderlust

It is important to remind yourself to never get lost in wanderlove or wanderlust. It is so easy to always be hoping for the next adventure or the next trip that you lose sight on what you have in the present moment.

Sometimes if you put these types of experiences on a pedestal, you become disillusioned of moments of relaxation. Moments of stability. Moment at home. To feel like you have nothing to contribute to the community because you are not presently traveling would be to diminish yourself too greatly. (Diminishing yourself at all is too much, really).

Moments of pause between adventures are needed. To be able to make meaning of the experiences you have had and are going to have. To make sure you are taking advantage of all life has to offer. And to continue spending time with all of those who love you.

I have been in Mexico for almost 4 weeks, and I absolutely love it. And I’ve gone through the moments of doubt. Moments where I felt like I knew nothing. I’ve also had moments of excitement. Moments of intrigue for the unknown. But now it is time for me to realize that these adventures are not mere adventures but rather an opportunity to make a new moment. I may be in a different country, but I am now in a place of relaxation. Of stability.

I’m at home.

And for these reasons, I have to ensure I do not get lose in the wanderlove or wanderlust. And that I realize how truly blessed I am. In order to do this, I must focus on the now. And take advantage of all that life is giving me.



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