5 Ways You and Your Body are Affected by Traveling

  1. Gut Flora

Have you ever heard of traveler’s diarrhea? Besides people telling you not to drink the water (for many various reasons) of a new place, your gastrointestinal system may still be affected by the big move. Our intestines contain microbes known as gut flora. And the composition of the gut flora depends on geography. At times, when people move from one location to another, it takes awhile for your system to get used to the new microbes that are available in the food you eat. You might experience what is called traveler’s diarrhea.

If really concerned, you should consider discussing this issue with your primary care physician. Otherwise, there are many websites and discussion boards by travelers with suggestions on how to tend to this issue.

Mountain of Chapala

  1. Altitude

I never really thought about altitude until I moved from the Midwest to the ever-flat lands of Florida. The change was so drastic that when I returned home, my ears would continuously pop. Popping of the ears can be something that is so trivial to you that you do not notice; however, you might have heard those babies crying on planes because their ears won’t pop. Or even worse, your ear drums could burst. It’s definitely something to discuss with your physician to ensure you are taking necessary preparations.

However, there are other ways that altitude affects your body. Depending on how high or low you are living, it may affect your breathing and your ability to exercise.

Many times, when on vacation, one does not notice these changes much. But when moving, these effects may become more apparent.

  1. Humidity

I noticed differences in humidity again when I moved from the Midwest of the United States to Florida. The humidity in Florida made the temperature changes even more apparent. I am a person who is very prone to sweat. So humidity takes a large toll on me. I really don’t like humidity that much. However, on the other hand, if I am in a place that is too dry, I get nosebleeds and cracked dry skin.

If you are moving to a very humid place, you should consider what type of clothing you will be wearing and at what points of the day you would be outside. When I moved to Florida, I wore mostly Dri-Fit or Dri-Fit like clothing. You can get polos in this type of material that will help you be comfortable in a very humid environment.

  1. Temperature

I think we all have concepts of what temperature differences exist between different regions. But I would say that something we probably do not think about much is how much temperature can change within 1 day or between days in a given region. In Missouri, the temperature can vary as much as 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Which can wreak havoc on your body. Multiple drastic changes in weather can make it easier for persons to become sick.

Additionally, seasons come in different manners depending on regions. I am now in the state of Jalisco in Mexico. In the mornings I need a sweater/cardigan. In the afternoons, I don’t. It’s been raining quite a bit. I remember talking with people before I moved and it seems like the preconceived notion of Mexico is that it is very hot and arid. However, Guadalajara and Chapala are very temperate, regulated by the mountains and the lake.

  1. Allergens

If Claritin is your friend where you are now, it may not need to be where you are going. However, you should know that as you are exposed to new allergens, your immune system response builds over time. I used to not be allergic to pollen in the Midwest. But recently, my reaction to it has been debilitating. Last year, I visited home for 1 week, and at the end of the week, I could barely talk because of the pollen. When I moved to Florida, I had 0 allergens. I am sure that if I had been there for 5 years, I would have developed a reaction to an allergen.

Doing research on what you are allergic to and what allergens might exist in your new beginning could be very helpful for you. Things like Claritin sometimes need to build up in your system to be effective.

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5 thoughts on “5 Ways You and Your Body are Affected by Traveling

  1. Oh god the humidity, I can’t deal with it. I switched to very loose and light dresses and that seemed to help, but every time I’m in a humid area I just sweat like crazy while others seem totally unaffected.

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