Things I Missed and Didn´t Miss About Colombia

Bogota, Colombia

After 8 years of being away, I’m finally back home!

Since it’s been so long, there are some things that I’m loving and some things that are driving me crazy. I guess that’s always how it is when you go back.

Let’s start with the negative so we can get it out of the way.

Things I didn’t miss about Colombia:

1. The insecurity:

The big question in traveler’s minds is: Is Colombia safe? First of all, let’s bust the myth that coming to Colombia means getting kidnapped or killed or something tragic (well, it can happen, but it can happen in every country). However, it’s true that here you require a kind of common sense that means always looking over your shoulder, taking care of your things, and mistrusting people. It’s risky to take a taxi from the street and you should not take out your iphone or fancy gadgets out in public.

This “common sense” has been really helpful in my travels, as all the things listed in blogs and articles about safety seem really obvious to me. But being on this kind of survival mode constantly that can be a bit exhausting.

2. The pollution:

Sometimes walking through Bogota will make you sick because there is just so much pollution. I’ve gotten home nauseous after inhaling all the poisonous black fumes emitted by the buses. Grossmister!

3. Classism:

Someone -maybe it was Mario Vargas Llosa?- once said that what Colombia has aren’t social classes, but a caste system. For example, everyone here can have a maid because maids are so extremely underpaid, and they eat in the kitchen separate from everyone (reminds me of that scene in The Help). But more than that, there is a general separation of class in everyday life that is very strong.

4. Sexism:

Every country in the world is sexist, and the US and France definitely are, but I feel like sexism and gender differences is a bigger part of the daily discourse here. “You’re worse than a man,” “You’re acting like a woman,” “You shouldn’t carry things, you’re a girl” etc etc yawn! Here, it is completely normal at a dinner party for the men to sit down while the women serve everything. Honestly, it makes me grind my teeth.

6. Dubbed movies:

The silently moving mouths, the unnatural voices, the cheesy lines no one would ever say in real life. What could be worse than a dubbed movie?

As I’ve been recovering from having a wisdom tooth removed, I have watched a lot of dubbed movies and tv shows… the worst part is that it’s starting to sound pretty good!


Well, now that we got the negative out of the way, let me tell you all the things that I love and that I have missed so much,

Things I missed about Colombia:

1. The people:

So of course, more than anything, I mean my family and friends. Nothing compares to being around people you love so much and that you haven’t seen in a while.

But this goes beyond that. I mean people in general. Colombian people are in general colorful, funny, creative, and more than anything, happy. In fact, Colombia has ranked the world’s happiest country. We have been born and raised in violence, and the frustration and sadness caused by the armed conflict runs deep within our bodies and souls. And yet, we’re still an incredibly joyful country. Joyful in the face of war and adversity. I think that’s what makes Colombians beautiful.

2. The food:

Bandeja paisa, Colombian coffee, empanadas, arepas, pan de yuca, sancocho, the list goes on and on and my mouth keeps watering. Our food is just too good!

And the best news for all you lucky travelers who will visit Colombia, is that going to a local restaurant gets you this delicious traditional Colombian food for extremely cheap. Avoid the tourist spots (except Crepes & Waffles, always go to Crepes!) and go for the hole-in-the-wall places. You will never be so happy with a decision in your life!

3. The mountains:

I want to see mountains again, Gandalf! Mountains!

Oh the gorgeous, gorgeous mountains of Bogota! Heck, of Colombia! It has been so so many years since I lived in a place where I can see mountains everyday. I had almost forgotten how amazing it feels to be near them.

4. The language:

I’m not biased at all, but Colombians speak the best Spanish.

I’m just kidding, but it’s definitely the Spanish that I love the most. And our slang is just so colorful!

It also feels so good to just speak Spanish all the time! Lord had I missed that.

The only down side is that I feel like I’m losing my French! I need to get on that…

5. The environmental diversity:

I love that, unlike in most other countries in the world, Colombia’s regions have extremely different climates. Within a same week, you could be basking in the sun at the beach, climbing up snow peaks, camping in a t dessert, trekking through the jungle, and enjoying a template climate. If you love one type of weather just move to a region that has it and you never have to experience any other climate again…unless you want a little change, then a small roadtrip will do. No but really, I love that we can escape Bogota’s constant ~16C (~60F) and be in tropical warmth by just taking a 2 hour car ride to Apulo.

It’s so beautiful I could cry*.

6. The music:

Like the people, Colombian music just has that bit of sazón. It’s rhythmic, contagious, and fun. My siblings make fun of me because I love traditional songs and dances, but what can I say? They’re the sounds of our history! And it’s always great to hear a song that gives you the irresistible urge to dance.

And on that note, I leave you with and invitation to visit us, and with a song about mi tierra querida:


*On the downside, if you’re planning on traveling around Colombia, make sure you buy clothes that are appropriate for all the different climates you will be going to.



10 thoughts on “Things I Missed and Didn´t Miss About Colombia

  1. I think that as much as we may not like some things from our homecountry, it’s always the people, food and the feeling of the familiar that comforts us and makes us want to return. It’s how I feel with my own actually, it always comforts me to come home to my family after travelling for some time…cheers! 🙂

    1. It’s funny, an Argentinian friend who recently went back home told me that she could apply all these exact things to Argentina. I guess there is a universal bittersweet feeling to going back home…

  2. The pollution and sexism are the worst ones I believe!! I live in China and believe me - there is a massive problem with pollution. I had to stop jogging in the morning because I felt so bad afterwards… 😦

    I’m a big fan of Colombian cuisine so I wish I could try some of traditional dishes there.

  3. I’m hoping to go to Columbia in 2016. Besides the insecurity and sexism, the country sounds absolutely beautiful. :3

    1. it IS!!! sexism exists everywhere so I think we´re gonna have to fight it wherever we are and you get used to looking over your shoulder hahaha

      You really should come. This is my own country and I’m still in complete and absolute awe of its beauty and diversity! There is so so much to see and I guarantee you will fall head over heels in love!

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