A Traveller’s Oath

This past week I’ve had many opportunities to reflect on many things. Change. Love. Family. Friendship. Loss. Living. Fulfillment. Carefulness. Mindfulness. Among so many things. It has been a quite a long week taking me from mid-Missouri to Saint Louis to Kansas City and back to mid-Missouri.

And as I enter into the final week until I depart on my travels, I pause and reflect on what is to come. I continue to focus on this realization that I am embarking on such a great opportunity. But intentionality, balance, and fortitude remain some extremely important skills that I need to master. Without them, it is likely I’ll end up the same person I am now after three years abroad. So to attempt to avoid this situation, I’ve penned a traveller’s oath. A means to remind myself what, how, and why I should act. Should be.

A Traveller’s Oath

Many reasons take us away
where many seasons we may stay.
But in these travels we should find,
a way to keep our real lives in mind.

Too easy it is for us to lose
ourselves in travels we may choose.
But life here and there continues on
despite the adventures we happen upon.

Everyday a traveller must say “yes”
to unveil the details of the next test.
Travellers who choose the other way,
boring and stagnant they will stay.

A traveller must remember home
To friends and family, whom love is shown.
For these are those that stay and wait
for time opportune to celebrate.

Life abroad brings many joys
though they could turn into decoys.
Thus a traveller must be full of mind and ware
A balance between full of courage and care.

Therefore, as a traveller, I do swear
to keep my travels debonair
to choose to challenge my status quo
to make good choices that help me grow
to love the life I left behind
to remember those by whom I’m defined
to be the best that I can be
and to travel, travel, travel by land and by sea.

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