The In-Betweens

It is May 16th.

Two weeks from today, I will be stepping on the plane, saying my final “goodbye” to Sarasota, Florida. And although this moment will happen in fourteen days time, I still have this feeling that I’m in the “in-betweens.”  This subtle feeling began even before yesterday-the day I packed up my Jeep along with my dog and my buddy to begin the 20-hour trek to the great land of the Ozark mountains.

Ozark Mountains (in Autumn)

This moment was also quite monumental in my closure of this chapter. To watch Sarasota in the rear view mirror. To leave the sunshine for the bitter 50-degree weather of Missouri (I mean, having been in Florida for 2 years, 50 degrees feels frigid!). To take “things” that in a certain combination make my apartment in Sarasota feel like “home.”

But no feeling I have is concrete. No feeling is absolute. I am both a part of the Sarasota world, the Midwest world, and even the next venture that is to come. And this feeling I’ve labeled “the in-betweens.” Because I am in-between everything and I am no longer defined by anything specific.

On Monday, I shall return to Florida, leaving my dog in the Midwest and arriving to a half-empty home. Things at work will have changed. New staff will have started. Students have left and continue to leave for break. But I will have to get through these 10 transient days in order to arrive at the next milestone marker of my life.

These in-betweens are uncertain and cause me some anxiety. But I’ve always said, “Being comfortable is merely being complacent. The moment that challenge turns to ease is the moment that life loses its luster.” So I guess this is the stage between lackluster and lustrous.

What kind of strategies do you use to help prepare for big life transitions?

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2 thoughts on “The In-Betweens

  1. No way! I grew up in Sarasota and will be spending my next “in-between” period there before I’m on to the next thing.
    I definitely understand your feeling of being in-between. For me, it helps to write about it. I also run and practice yoga which help with the anxiety.
    Best of luck on your future endeavors! I am sure that this next step will be great and you’ll be glad you did it.

  2. Sarasota is pretty amazing (especially compared to rural Missouri). You should check out Hero: The Musical at the Asolo Rep while you are in Sarasota. It plays through June 1st!

    I journal the most when I am in transition. It’s fun to go back and read the entries. Thanks for the tips!

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