Things that Happened During My Time in France

I got to live with French people, I saw the tallest sand dune in Europe, I surfed for the first time,

I rode more trains than I ever had in my life, I saw several UNESCO World Heritage sites (lived in one), I had breakfast in my balcony looking out onto the Garonne,

I went to Morocco, Switzerland, England, Monaco, Sweden, and Denmark, I learned to be ok with cooking, I learned that the beach in Nice has rocks instead of sand, I had a real 6 course French meal, I traveled to 6 French cities, I skied for the first time,

I ate so much cheese, I reconnected with family in Sweden, I saw countless movies with my unlimited movie pass, I learned that I love to work with children, I learned how difficult it can be to be a teacher but also a student, I worried about kid’s futures, I made amazing friends that I could be myself with and who helped me through a breakup and the death of a friend,

I started learning how to knit, I started getting into acrobatic yoga,

I confronted fears, I saw the little mermaid’s statue, I had debates, I read, I listened, I learned, I made important life decisions, I basked in the sun, I covoituraged-it, I painted and made flower crowns in the garden,

I drank wine, I realized I no longer think of myself as shy, I got a drastic haircut, I finally got my nose ring, I saw the French Riviera for the first time, I met wine connoisseurs, I got bored in my French Alliance classes, I got complimented on my French, I threw house parties,

I met people from all corners of the world, I ate Senegalese food for the first time, I learned the difference between sushi, sashimi, maki, and California roll, I started a travel blog, I realized I have something to say, I lived with guys for the first time, I had mice, I was cold, I lived and entire winter for the first time, I got chased around by Scarlett over a painting I stole from her, I rented my apartment through airbnb, I danced, I went to Scandinavia, I ate lots of Indian food, I fought with my housing agency, I saw my Paris friends after two years

I went to the second oldest city in Sweden, I got my bag stolen and had 3 Moroccan women help me get it back, I got incredible hugs by people who I couldn’t communicate with, I made a pact with Aye to not buy any new clothes this year, I bought my sister’s wedding present, I got into fights, I laughed until it hurt, I had the best game of charades of my entire life, I sang, I got asked hilarious questions by the children, I told off douchebags in the street who had grabbed my friend, I intervened in a bar fight between people I didn’t know and got kicked with a high heel, I learnt about myself, I made resolutions, I ate fish and chips, I went to a Swedish high school party, I realized I’d been wrong all my life about London and fell in love with it,

I saw the Swiss Alps,  I saw Wicked for the first time, I did translations, I gave private English lessons, I cried in movie theaters, I stayed at stranger’s houses while traveling, I walked around the city, I listened to French music, I watched the glow of streetlights in the wet city pavement, I cooked vegan meals, I ate oysters for the first time, I had potlucks, I sang loudly in the middle of the street, I rode bikes,

I went to the dentist, I saw the beach, I spilled things, I stood on top of a mountain outside of Fez, Morocco and heard all the call to prayers of the city simultaneously, I had 12 hour train rides, I was loud, I was silent, I was silly

I was serious, I told a woman I met on the bus my life story, I missed my family, I loved my street, I spent money, I saved up money, I woke up to the sun in my room, I got lost, I ate pastries, I got a homemade cake for my 24th birthday

I went to the French countryside, I walked on rocks, I stood against the wind, I took the bus, I sang children’s songs, I got goodbye letters from the kids, I went out when I didn’t want to and ended up having a blast, I went to fitness classes, I went to museums, I saw the Rosetta Stone, I went back to Paris and found it just as beautiful as I’d left it, I slept, I ran for buses, I laughed out loud, I packed and unpacked, I made postcards, I was blown away by beauty. I lived.

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