NYC, here I come!

Start this video before you start reading. No, don’t watch the video. Read the post and listen at the same time!

Do you have Ol’ Blue Eyes serenading you yet? Okay good. Plans are in the works. This July, I am headed to one of my favorite cities, New Yooooork!

Just hanging out with my Peeps (sorry it had to be done) at FAO Schwarz during my last NYC trip

My relationship with the City has evolved over the years. When I was just a wee Jersey girl, I felt its nearness and influence in my daily life with a steady pulse of heterogeneous people, food, and ideas back and forth over the Hudson River. And like most parents living in my bedroom community, my dad commuted to New York City in under 15 minutes every morning.  I could see its twinkling skyline from my back window every night. We shared the same starless night sky from all of that light pollution.

Having lived somewhere in the South for more than a decade, I have gained stunning views of our galaxy on cloudless nights. But in exchange for the stars, I feel like I’ve lost something: an energy that comes from different kinds of people, living out differences in public every day, and witnessing those differences while living out my own. Admittedly, New Jersey has a somewhat diluted version of this energy. So when I feel like I am completely depleted, I head to a place where I can feel it in its purest form: New York City. My levels have reached depletion. My ticket has been booked.

Since I am on my way up there in a few months, I’m trying to plan early (all part of my quest to become a more budget-conscious traveler). So far, I have a short list of almost free museums, my favorite nut-free cupcake establishment (more on that after I get there), and of course visiting friends who are making their way in the Big Apple.

What do you love about NYC? Where do you go when you visit? Any free/almost free tips?

2 thoughts on “NYC, here I come!

  1. We are going to the Strand. I cannot be denied. And Inwood Park, which is free and huge. The city did a project to bring bald eagles back to the park. Eagles! In New York City!

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